Posted on killdevilhill: 01-24-03 16:45

"Every sperm is sacred, every sperm is great. 
When a sperm is wasted, God gets quite irate"
--Monty Python

The Roman Catholic church has always fought against masturbation and birth control of all kinds. They do believe that all sperm and all eggs should be given the maximum opportunity to become human beings.

Of course, this indicates an inability to count on the part of the Pope. Yet another indication that the worst thing that ever happened to any third world country was conversion to Christianity.

As to abortion, I do not consider it morally or practically acceptable, I believe in things like personal responsibility and social support.

However, in a society such as this one, where young children are never taught about birth control and unwed motherhood is still stigmatized, it is the only visible option. In such cases, abortions do happen whether or not they are legal, and because of awareness and counseling, they are less prevalent now that it is legal.

Adoption is often cited as an alternative, but it is not. Too much social stigma is attached to adoption for most pregnant children to consider it. The source of the stigma is irrelevant in this case, only its effect. And its effect is that abortions will take place, legal or not.

If you’d like to work with at risk teens and discuss the benefits of adoption with them, feel free. That is the only viable way to decrease the number of abortions.

There is a clear dichotomy between the anti-choice folks and the pro-life folks. I am pro-life, in that I am pro-choice. I do not wish to punish 16-year-olds for getting pregnant, rather I would hope we can avoid forcing them to make that choice at all.


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